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Dr. Larry Iverson has educated, motivated, and entertained audiences for nearly thirty years. A top ten bestselling author on iTunes, he has worked with over one . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The television personality and motivational Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Biographies & Memoirs. Editorial Reviews. Review. Are you ready to be motivated? Not the kind that get you charged up one day and forget about it the next, but REAL MOTIVATION and .

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Les Brown Ebook

download FREE ebook As A Man Thinketh the timeless classic by James Allen. Les Brown is an internationally recognized speaker and author of the highly. Starting From Zero eBook Les Brown - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. les. It's another Motivation Monday with Les Brown who encourages you to stop Grab Sean's FREE ebook, The Money Mind Reset: 5 Steps to.

He was born into poverty, adopted by a hard-working single mother, and labeled a slow learner or the dumb twin as some called him. Despite these odds, he has become an international success. They include the following four points: Effective leaders change their mental outlook as they move from one level to another reinvent themselves. Effective leaders understand their purpose in an organization. Effective leaders are not intimidated by change. Effective leaders believe in their success. Immediately useful, this book will show you how to apply effective principles of leadership, communication, change management, and personal development back at your workplace. Immediately useful, this book will show you how to use simple problem solving tools in your everyday work activities to create innovative solutions with your team. Unauthorized use of content from this website is an infringement of copyrights, trademarks, or proprietary rights Management is a Journey is a registered trademark of Business Consulting Solutions LLC.

You want friends that have more than you, who will challenge you, that will bring some value into your life. You must learn to put together a system. Have people around you with the knowledge and skills to put together systems that you can execute. The energy that you must invest should be above what is commonly accepted. The work and dedication required means that you should get a physical check up, exercise, eat right, etc. It is a fine line between self-care and slacking off sometimes. Where are you putting your time?

How are you using your talents, skills, and abilities? This one is my downfall right now! What is important to you? What is it that you NEED to do? Make a list of 7 action steps that will move you in the direction of your dreams.

County Class Cruisers

I just did this recently! I think each of the 7 steps has some sub-steps but I have a high level list made. Write out 7 things for the next day that will get you closer to your dreams before you go to bed each night.

Something I will have to work on. When you wake up in the morning look at your list for the day first thing. What are your thoughts? Have you done any or all of these steps? How did that work for you? Consider this: Even if you are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and multiple opportunities, they are worthless if you dont execute them. You need to focus and execute.

While youre reading this book, for example, I want you to execute everything I ask you to execute. Dont just read the words on the page. Apply what you learn. This is how you will get from zero to success on the internet. Follow my book step-by-step and you will have the ability to create a six- to seven-gure business and to live the life of which you have always dreamed. If you do that and follow my lead, you will gradually succeed.

Without opportunity, knowledge, and execution you cannot have a successful business. As you move on to Chapter 1 of this book, I want you to promise me that you are going to execute every single step I show you. That way, I can help you launch and build a protable business that puts you on the path to becoming the successful entrepreneur you were meant to be. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only that, but the business you create will ourish once you have learned how to embrace the opportunity, implement the knowledge you have learned, and execute it accordingly.

Its all part of the money-making puzzle I mentioned in Chapter 1. Throughout the rest of this book, you will have the opportunity to make micro-investments, each of which will help bring you one step closer to your end-game of becoming a nancially free, successful entrepreneur. Now, when I say micro, I mean just that. Everything combined will be less than one hundred dollars. By the time you nish investing that hundred dollars, I can virtually guarantee you will have your e-commerce business up and running.

Still dont believe me? Take out a piece of paper and write down the amount of money I ask you to invest. Think about that for a second. For less than the cost of your monthly cable bill, you can launch your new business. Madness right? Well, its madness that you will soon learn how to monetize and take to the bank. Over a decade ago, it was basically impossible to invest that kind of money and have a business.

Instead, youd be spending hundreds, if not thousands, before even seeing your rst customer. And forget about an online business. It used to cost a fortune to have your own simple box-focused website, let alone an e-commerce business.

Just imagine how much it would cost to develop an e-commerce site; upwards of one million dollars! This is not an exaggeration! But it took years to learn how to implement a solid design, code the site, and program it to be functional. Back then, coding and programming involved a lot of confusing aspects: adding the code to NotePad and then utilizing something called Netscape Communicator to view the success of the code, which almost always never worked for newbies, anyway.

When I reect back on how I started on the internet, I clearly remember it taking me more than two years to learn everything I needed to know to create a website. By the time I was creating websites, I was charging clients tens of thousands of dollars because that was the only way I could create a lucrative business. Back in those days, designers and programmers could make a fortune by creating simple websites.

That is not the case today. Thanks to rapidly-evolving technology, today anyone can create a sleek, functional website for free. You can use platforms like Wix or WordPress to create a website in just a few hours for nothing or next to nothing!

You dont need to invest a fortune. This concept is essentially why I decided to call this book Starting from Zero. Whats great about my Five-Step System to Success is that you dont need any prior knowledge or experience. I am going to hold your hand and guide you all the way through each step. All you need is a desire to succeed and you will be on your way to generating the protable business you have been dreaming about for years.

In this chapter, I am going to briey discuss these ve steps and how they work. Later in the book, I will go into depth on each step so that you can become a master of executing this blueprint and launching your protable e-commerce business. If this doubt has popped into your mind, remember that we are in a technologically driven era which oers you a million and one ways to make this happen.

As I mentioned earlier in this book, I am going to show you specic technology that you can use to create your own e-commerce website in no time at all and with little investment. In fact, you dont need to have any knowledge about programming or design. All you need is a computer, access to the internet, and the ability to type in some words or copy and paste. If you can manage that, you will have your website up and running by the end of this book.

Better yet, you will become a master at building these websites. The sky is the limit. Step 2: Inventory Once you have trac and your website, you will need inventory. After all, an e-commerce website without inventory is like a bird without feathers: Youll get nowhere, fast. To be more specic, you need what I call Inventory Arbitrage. I am going to show you how to gain access to millions of products without spending tons of dough.

In fact, I will show you how to gain access to these products with zero capital. Yes, for free. In Chapter 5 of this book, I am going to guide you through the process of this very unique strategy.

I will also give you complete access to millions of products, including top brands like NFL and NBA products and more. This winning blueprint will be yours later on in this book.

Step 3: Trac Makes Perfect No matter what your background is, you probably understand the importance of website visitors. Without visitor trac, you have nothing, so the rst thing you need to know is how to attract visitors to your website. And not just any website visitors; what you want and need is targeted website trac made up of people who are actively interested in and looking for what you are oering.

If you have high-quality targeted visitors, you will make more money. It is as simple as that. Later in this book, I will share a strategy of mine that you can utilize to access billions of visitors and direct them to your website. Obviously, without visitors your website wont generate a prot.

World’s #1 Motivational Speaker | Les Brown

Thats why Step 1 - setting up a website store - plays a critical role in my 5-Step System to Success. Step 4: The Prot Multiplier Leveraging your trac and inventory is key when it comes to your website making more money and growing exponentially. In this step, I will share with you the specic strategies that have elevated my brands and multiplied my prots time and time again. Step 5: Rinse and Repeat The title of Step 5 likely speaks for itself, but once you have mastered Step 4, it will be time to repeat the process.

There is no limit to the number of stores you can create and how many products you can sell. After you do this, you can generate more targeted trac. To be more specic, I am going to share a few vital points with specics on what to watch for when you are rinsing and repeating. Like anything, there are pitfalls that you may stumble upon which will cost you more money than your prots are generating. However, this rinse and repeat step is an important key to success.

Because creating multiple streams of income means serious money-making potential. Imagine if you have ve dierent e-commerce businesses which each generate ten thousand dollars a month. That equals fty thousand dollars a month in prots, prots that are entirely reachable if you follow my system.

In only a few months time, you could be the owner of a half-a-million dollar business. In the pages that follow, I will prove to you that you can do this, and that everything I talk about in this book will soon be your reality - if you execute everything I share to make it happen. But before we go deeper and discuss these blueprints, I would like to share some of my story with you, including how I started out and how I became a successful entrepreneur after discovering this extremely powerful system.

Its important that we connect on this level, so you can see that there really isnt much dierence between you and me. In fact, I was raised with two brothers in a low-income family, well below average. My dad was in Hong Kong to focus on his career. Every month he would deposit a small lump sum into my moms bank account.

And when I say small, I mean that my mom had to work day and night, sometimes at two or more jobs, to keep enough food on the table for three growing boys. To this day, I remember my mom always calculating how much money she had so she could aord to raise three kids. Deep down, it pains me to know how much she struggled, but the struggle we felt as a family is what put a massive re under me to succeed.

As a kid, I was very motivated to become successful.

Buy for others

I was determined to do well in school and get a degree so I could get a professional job and take the nancial burden o my mother. I needed to take care of her, just as she took care of my brothers and me. But it was a long road. I worked hard to learn English but I didnt do well in school. This quickly squashed my dreams of becoming an educated success story.

No matter how I tried to look at it, I felt like the odd man out. In 12th grade I was unsure whether or not I would graduate. I was in a full panic the day I got my report card, and even more petried when I opened that envelope. It was bad. Well, at least not for another year. I felt like a failure, but I still needed to make an income to take the heavy nancial burden o my mothers shoulders.

The rst job I took was as a dishwasher in a restaurant. I didnt like the job, but it was the only job I could get. With my physical appearance young, short Asian kid , many places wouldnt even hire me. Even McDonalds, of all places, wouldnt hire me!


I put an application in at McDonalds and felt condent I would receive a call for an interview, but there was nothing. I never even got a call back. I was forced to count on my closest friends for a referral at an Asian-owned Japanese restaurant, but not without having yet another traumatic experience.

Even with the referral, the restaurant manager barely hired me! I remember the interview like it was yesterday. It wasnt your standard pleasant job interview; it was actually quite uncomfortable. At rst, I stood there with my head hanging low, looking like a lost puppy.

But just as the manager was about to turn and leave, I mustered some courage and said, Please! Please just give me a shot! I wont let you down. I was tired of feeling like a failure. I wanted to prove myself to the manager and to my family. I think the manager realized how desperate I was for work because he turned to me and said, All I have is a dishwasher position.

My eyes lit up - not because I wanted to be a dishwasher, but because I needed to make some money so I could stop being a burden on my mother. With a job like that, I knew that I could also nd other ways to make money. I took the job but I couldnt help asking myself, Is this how Im going to live for the rest of my life? As a dishwasher?

A waiter? Am I going to work at a restaurant for the rest of my life? I knew I couldnt. I knew I needed to do something dierent, something that would be fullling, yet something that would also make a lot of money. So, while I stood there washing dishes day after day, my mind would drift to imagine something better.

I knew that sometime soon I would get out of that job and do something else. Now, I dont really believe in the Law of Attraction or anything like that, but every single day I held the thought of doing something else close in my mind.

It was powerful enough for me to believe it - and one day it happened. I was getting home from work and a friend of mine approached me, saying, Hey, I want you to come to my friends house and see what hes doing.

Hes creating a massive business on the internet. Hes what? I was oored. I was excited and interested in learning more, so we went over to his house. The moment we entered, I could feel the success. He had MacBooks, iMacs, and many books scattered across his table. I learned that he had built a six-gure 22 Starting From Zero what he had been doing.

Once we sat down in his living room, the guy told me how he started making tons of money writing eBooks on how to sleep better.

It's Not Over Until You Win

I was extremely surprised that someone could make that much money writing eBooks, but I knew it had to be true. Just the idea of becoming successful like that made me very excited. I asked him tons of questions and wanted him to share everything he knew with me. After all, knowledge is power, right? If you educate yourself, the sky is the limit.

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